not a professional

been to the quiet central w/ eric this afternoon,
we walked & took photos, we laughed & were acting silly :P
didn't master 5D very well yet,
but surely it takes very sharp photos;
& the shutter sound is different from 400D....cool :P

i think i need to practice more,
had a very happy day today......

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~米雪~ 說...

nice pics, ash!!!!
we can hang out to take pics together~~^^
what's yr next spot? heee~~

tai siu doesn't have a blog ar... do u hv his facebook account?
he put some of the pics in the FB album~

joanna 說...

congratulations on the new camera!!

ashlee 魚 說...

we actually went to wetland park yesterday, but the parking lot was already full; so we left.
let's go there next time together.

匿名 說...

oh, so cool!!
jacob always dream of D700 too~
after giving 'lai see', we need to make saving, soooo don't let he know u hv 5D markII.

aileen :: motu 說...

congrats on your new toy!