soap making V : brownies

look at it, very pretty brown color this time !

i used the 1 liter soya milk box as the soap mold, recycle !!!!
i am so environmental friendly, ha ha!
added 3 big table spoon of godiva chocolate powder which is going to expire soon, & 1 spoonful of grounded coffee (gift from Jac) which is good for peeling !
making a relatively expensive soap this time.

first time to make 渲染皂 which means drawing curly pattern over the top,
i think it's pretty successful lae :P

the based of the soap is again 馬賽皂 containing 72% olive oil + 10% palm oil +18% coconut oil.
intentionally added a little bit of sweet almond oil as superfattening.

can't wait to use it immediately, but have to wait for 4-6 weeks of maturation.

it's an exciting moment to unmold the soap.
this time i put the soap mixture in the baking oven to keep it warm (warming is an important step). i intentionally heated up the oven twice during the first 24 hours, as the temperature over here is low during winter time.

after 24 hrs of incubation, the soap is still soft.
& i unmolded it after 48 hrs; still soft, but could be cut, at least.

when i am experimenting different step each time,
the result is sooooooo expectative.
maybe that's the reason i like my job.

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aileen :: motu 說...

wah! looks like marble cake!
this is a very 名貴 and tasty soap!!!

匿名 說...


Siu Jac

joanna 說...

this is amazing!! so beautiful!! looks so yummy too!!

ashlee 魚 說...

thanks all of you :P