took a bouquet making lesson tonight, teacher told us to bring 30-40 medium size roses.
i have a difficulty in picking flowers everytime when i shop around the flower market, coz there are just too many choices.......so, usually i will walk 2 rounds and then can decide what to buy :P

pastel color are my all time favorite, i picked 3 different colors : cream, light pink & peach red;
& today i found the lovely calla lily in purplish color match the roses also.

successfully created a dome shape bouquet, so happy !!!
other classmates just admired my bouquet, as the color of flowers match so perfectly !!!
the bouquet is so heavy, but it's quite difficult to make a small one tho';
when i got home, i removed it from the handle and transform it to a centerpiece.

hey aileen, recognize the birdie?
my felissimo order has arrived last night!

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dapan 說...

it's really lovely, ashlee!
pastel color are my all time favorite too.

mytabo 說...

very pretty!!!!!
i love it!

aileen :: motu 說...

nice choice of colors!!

hehehe.... of course i recognize of the birdie! hehehehe we got the same taste! i am planning to order it too!!!