lemon & orange cupcake

my 1st trial, the overall comment is "average".
as i want the base to be "fluffy" like sponge cake.....
actually i am not quite sure if a "cupcake" should be hard like that. anyone can tell me about this?
original recipe is from here; but, the lemon flavor is very good tho' !

i don't have any cream cheese or cream at home to make the topping,
& suddenly the idea from "flame ice-cream cake" (火焰雪糕蛋糕) came up; which makes the little cupcake looks a bit cute.

ingredients (for 6 cupcakes)
A. 3/4 cup all purpose flour
A. 1/4 table spoon baking powder
A. 1/8 teaspoon salt
B. 1/4 cup butter R.T.
B. 1/2 cup sugar
C. 1 whole egg R.T.
D. 1/2 table spoon lemon juice and peels
D. 1/4 cup buttermilk
D. 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract
E. candied orange peel

1. whisk A in 1 bowl
2. mix B first in another bowl and then add C
3. add A to B in 3 times
4. then add D
5. put in paper liners and garnish with E on each
6. bake for 20 minutes at 280C

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Marie 說...


aileen :: motu 說...

this is a really great idea! is this why the cupcake paper cup looks a bit burnt?

ashlee 魚 說...

i thinking the burning of the paper is due to the temperature... should either lower it or lower the cooking time :P

aileen :: motu 說...

i see i see...
your cupcake looks really cute and adorable... i wouldn't want to eat it... too pretty to eat!