recent me

what i have been doing these days are:
1. addicted to the childish flash game on facebook called "restaurant city"
2. lay on my couch to watch TV and internet surfing at the same time
3. think, yes, seriously thinking about this
4. read it b4 sleep
5. gather some info about here

not very productive these days, why i am always so tired lae?

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波比太太 說...

woo, my dream place too!!!! A too beautiful place!!
Planning to go there??

dapan 說...

haha... same here. i'm addicted to the "restaurant city" these two months.

匿名 說...

Low in Fe?

Siu Jac

mytabo 說...

me too me too. addicted to restaurant city. my notebook dedicated for playing restaurant whenever i am home ^___^

~米雪~ 說...

gimme 5!!!
i am addicted to RC lately~
we can exchange the ingredient lor.. haha...

one of my must-go places nei~~^^

ashlee 魚 說...

to mrs bobby,
yes yes, want to go there, but donno when.. hehe...just checking out there... croatia is my 2nd choice tho'!

to dapan and mytabo,
can i add you on facebook ?

to mic,
oh, i am only in very low level now, and have already visited your big restaurant! let's exchange... but what can i exchange with you lae??? hehe

to jac,
donno lae... shall i take a blood test ? how's yours fe level now? increase ???

匿名 說...

Normal level is 90-130. I was 1/10th of lowest limit. As told by doctor, the buildup is 20 for every 3 months of supplement intake.

??@@@? so I think....still need......more than nine months to get into the normalization.

dapan 說...

sure sure. my email is smalldapan@gmail.com

dapan 說...

ashlee, friend request sent!

mytabo 說...

of course. add me add me.
my email address is mytabo at hellomimi.com

ashlee 魚 說...

request sent, hurry hurry !!!! :P