happy rainy day

finally, it's 28 dec 08 today !
it's maggie + ken's wedding, i met the bride about 1.5 years ago,
and the groom about half an year ago.

maggie is a loving girl and now becoming a loving wife.
i didn't know why she ordered so much ribbon at first, & now i know.
very pretty decoration at the church;
the pink theme matched perfectly in the whole wedding.

happy wedding to you two !!!

eric & i had a nice walk in the afternoon and did some shopping at harbour city... finally!
it will be chinese new year in less than 1 month time,
will be very busy in the coming month lae.
will work on the 水仙 tomorrow first !

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aileen :: motu 說...

it's amazing how you have a full time job but can still dedicate so much time and effort to your interest and business!