soap making I

brought them home the other night.
still soft, so i stamped on them !!!
the brown color was due to addition of rosehip powder, pretty!

have to wait for 1 month for full maturation;
otherwise they will be too alkaline to use.
wait wait wait...

i will homemade another batch this weekend,
all the equipments + material are ready !
getting excited !

i am using the gift "ginger soap" from Linda now.
i must tell all of you that it's really different from the commercial liquid detergent,
no more itchy skin, and the foam are very creamy.
loving it, loving it !

4 則留言:

aileen :: motu 說...

at first glance, i thought they were chocolates made by you!! so pretty and adorable! well done!

dapan 說...

OMG! they look absolutely gorgeous.
same as aileen, i thought they were homemade chocolates.

joanna 說...

they are beautiful, ash!!

what kind will you be making next?

~米雪~ 說...

wow.... lovely!!!
i like the rose~~^^