soap making III : sobert

1st time to make the 2-layer one
i named this series "sobert"; love the color combination.
(actually they are same as these).
the 2 color layers were made in 2 seperate nights,

but i failed to cut them in perfect rectangular shape.....v. ugly @_@
& about half of them just broke when i cut them....
so, i now have many small soap bars in ivory/ pink single color !!!!...sigh....
i must experiment again to find the right time/condition to cut them.

(joanna, i cannot find the kind of knife from ikea ar!)

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aileen :: motu 說...

i want to have a bite! >:P

joanna 說...

funny they look just as good like this!! more natural in this free form!! =)

let me help you find the knife...it's this one:


or something like this would do:


or simply the chinese "choi do" (vege knife).

ashlee 魚 說...

thanks momo,
have a question here, do u cut the soap on next day or depends on their texture ?... soft/hard

i found they are very hard already 24hrs after poured in the mold. i guess it's because of winter.

yours are so perfect "_"

joanna 說...

oh mine are not perfect at all!! only look good in pictures!! hahaa!!

hm...i usually check and take out of mold after 24 hours, and they are usually ok to cut, except the pure olive oil soap i made the other time which was exceptionally soft and the edges crumbled down a bit when i cut.

they are indeed quite hard when cut, and like i said, i need to stand on my feet and use my body weight to cut down the soap.

aileen :: motu 說...

two professionals talking here!!!! you both make great soaps!

匿名 說...

Here's the Soap Opera!

Siu Jac