soap making II : savon de marseilles

bought this v. good reference book last saturday.
it explains the most basic soap: marseilles soap (馬賽香皂) which composes of 72% of oliver oil; and it's variations....

have studied v. hard on it (almost 3 hrs !!!), and recorded down the details & formulation of my first batch.
i was sooooo worry that the formula was calculated wrong...
so checked and checked again... @_@

the color of savon of marseilles should be cream in color,
i added a little bit of red reef clay in it, so as to make it looks pink.
i further added about 30 drops of rose fragrance oil in it...hope the smell of rose is enough.

now wait for 2 days to unmold it..... nervous !
more pics later :P

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匿名 說...

you are good at experimenting new things!

Siu Jac

匿名 說...

wow... unbelieve that u still have time to try many kind of "手作仔" ar. haha...

Maggie Wu