a romantic silent night

we had a wedding job in the afternoon on the day b4 x'mas.
it's leona&ken's wedding with the purple + silver theme.
the set-up process was very smooth, able to finish it by 3:30pm
it's above satisfactory :P

they played a song of 曹格 during our set-up, very romantic atmosphere there.
(but i don't know the name of the song lae)
and we watched twilight at the grand cinema at night!
i love this movie, 超romantic !
(but eric thinks it's a 攪笑片 ?!)
want to read the books now.
another must see movie :P

4 則留言:

aileen :: motu 說...

purple + silver = nice combo.

btw, was it penisular?

ashlee 魚 說...

yes, it was Pen M2 floor, very nice environment there; but unfortunately it can only entertain small no. of ppl.

you recognize the carpet?

aileen :: motu 說...

hehe... yes it was the carpet!!

Emily 說...

hi,i will get marry on 09, I'm hoping to set up this kind of signature board for my wedding, would you please quote me the price?