the best birthday gift

i received this present right at 0:00 am on 4th july.
this is the best birthday gift,
i don't want a dior handbag,
neither a new lens for camera (maybe later in x'mas!)
all i want for is your beautiful hand-drew picture !!!
thanks hubby eric.

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kaekae 說...

happy (belated) birthday ashley!! and thanks for stopping by at my blog.

wow... you are a lucky gal... the birthday gift is very sweet!!

calanthe (aka: kaekae)

小敏 說...

嘩, 估唔到大王除o左電腦 design,

Can't agree more with you that sth done by our husband with heart, is definitely more valuable than sth being bought easily if you have money.

ashlee 說...

to kae kae,
yes, i think i am lucky lae :P

to 小敏,
大王以前學design, 的確要揸筆揾食架.
佢中學時, 成日都幫学校畫畫攞獎架 :P

~米雪~ 說...

wow... soooo sweet!!!!
nice drawing from tai wang~~^^
i need to ask tai siu to start learning that sin... heehee~

ashlee 說...

hi ~米雪~,
he used to draw a lot better....
maybe i will post up some oof his drawings (like 10 yrs or more ago)later in here :P

匿名 說...

That's soooooo sweet....

i wish my hubby-to-be can do the same...