our 2nd anniversary

it's our 2nd wedding anniversary today.
time flies... can't believe we have been together for 365x2 days already....
it seems.... not that long to me ?!

we had dinner together at tonkichi, the quality of food seems better than before;
but still not comparable to those we had in osaka last nov....
eric asked me a question tonight,
"how much u won from lottery will make you quit your current job,"
i am not greedy, 5M is enough.
yes, and will quit immediatly,
i got a list of things want to do....

we shopped for a new shower head @ citysuper after the nice dinner,
the new one gives out very "tender" water, highly recommend !
we had a happy night :P

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happy belated anniversary!!


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msg from Marie

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happy anniversary to u
happy anniversary to u
happy anniversary to u
happy anniversary to u

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Happy Anniversary!! 每天都幸福快樂:)

p.s. your new blog site is very nice.