a saturday morning

i am not a morning girl,
if ever have a chance, i'll sleep late and wake up by nature.
so, this was an exceptional saturday for me to wake up at 830, on a day that doesn't need to work.
i went to my uncle house, and visited his farm;
he plants all kinds of fruit trees

"fan gwai lo leechee" on the tree... there are many

limes... 2 weeks later when they are gettin bigger,
i'll make "salty lime" (marinated in chiu chou style, good to serve with coke/sprite)

guess what they are?

fig (無花果)
yes, the fruits aren't come from flowers,
they are just budding out from the branches.

and there are grapes too,
i love these grapes when they are red.
taste a little bit different from what we used to have from the market.
but they are just not ready this time.

wong pei (黃皮), don't know it's name in english
anyone can tell me ?
i tasted the biggest one which was as sweet as a candy,
the weirdest thing is it didn't have a seed inside ?!!!!!

pretty flowers called 夜來香 (Cestrum nocturnum), haha.. wth...
it emits fragrance especially strong at night
we picked couple branches back home.
i love the smell...
but hubby eric thinks it's too strong..

found this on the leave of an orchid,
at first i thought the insect was dead,
but later seeing from the pic, it peeled off the shell....ewwww

i love this chain of leaves very much,
looks lovely !

3 則留言:

aileen :: motu 說...

so many interesting items in the farm! i like the 夜來香.

mytabo 說...


ashlee/ 魚 說...

to aileen,
the 夜來香 really smell good at night, but no smell at day time...
i do like the tiny flowers as well.

to mytabo,
yup & isn't it amazing ?