work things... part II

PCR song... appeared in youtube last year
i think all biologists/scientists are amazed with this song,

look how serious they are when recording this song !

(remarks: PCR is a technique to amplify DNA fragments from any organism.)

sth back to last friday...boss threw me 2 "small"projects,
just because there are not enough hands in this small lab.
1 has to be finished asap, while the other's deadline is sometime in 2010;
2 years .. i don't even not sure if i will stay that long in this lab.

but anyway, i am the kind of person who wanna get things done asap once the materials are on hands; so want to finishing it within 1 year ?! maybe....?!

working on site directed mutagenesis (to those non-science friends, can click in wiki & see if you can get some hints),
& i have actually worked on this technique as my final year project during undergrad.
how forgettable i am .... as i took quite an amount of time checking references yesterday.

so.. yesterday's experiments are 100% success !! hurray !!!
hope my luckstar will still shine on me in the following days !

so quiet in the lab today...
but i enjoy this moment esp. when there is no student come to me & ask me this & that, & later come again & ASK AGAGIN the SAME thingssssss (i should not complaint too much, afterall they are lovely)

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aileen :: motu 說...

hmm.. your work looked very complicated but interesting. am happy for your successful experiment too!

ashlee 魚 說...

thanks aileen,
complicated... yes...
interesting.. depends...