my birthday flower

eric and i took a day off on my birthday,
we took time to did several my favorite things:
wondering around in flower market @ prince edward and shopped these beautiful flowers;
went to the japanese magazine bookshop & got some nice magazines;
had a very nice dinner at my wanted rest.
i had a very happy day.

this is my first time to handle the flower clay (the green thing)
and my first time to do the floral arrangment,
not bad ar ?!
i added those little crystal and pearl in the pot to make it more special.

i don't have a suitable pot at home, so wrapped around a noodle bowl with a piece of light gold cloth :P

i think this combination make a very good looking center piece for wedding too !

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aileen :: motu 說...

hihi - the flower arrangement is very nice, i like the color combination. sounded like your hubby is treating you very nice. v. happy for you. and thx for visitng my blog. =)