2nd disney trip

our 2nd time to HK disneyland, again in summer time.
6 adults + 2 kids + 1 baby; we were all melted..
tried every efforts to squeeze into the indoor shows whenever possible.
we took kelly with us (my cousin's daughter),
she is only 7.....so grown up now..

she indeed tried hard to pull the sword out.

angus, friend's son
my hubby can make him smile everytime,
not difficult to him at all, but not to me.

i named this photo "curiosity"
phoebe, angus's sister, a very cute little girl.

seems it can never take good photos on marry-go-around, sigh.

see, my face is blocked !

tho' some ppl said it's boring in "it's a small world",
i like looking at the details, colorful theme with delighted atmosphere inside.

i do appreciate the craft ppl.

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匿名 說...

looks like good fun!!

i could imagine the heat...but i would love to see the small small world!!


ashlee/ 魚 說...

to joanna,
yes and do visit the "it's a small world" during autumn/ winter time...i believe siu momo will get hyper inside XD