searching for good dessert

after our taipei trip in last May,
my mom just fell in love with the local panna cotta 奶酪,
not only their prices are very good bargain,
but the taste are real good.

we searched for many places in hk,
still couldn't find a comparable one.

saw this in Jusco supermarket last sat.
first bite: hey, not bad
latter bites: so so.....

maybe it's time to try to make a homemade one,
let me think about this next weekend...

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aileen :: motu 說...

the packing is very cute!

匿名 說...

hi ashley,

thanks again for stopping by!

the cooking class was a lot of fun because the instructor was such a funny guy! but i think the class might be a little bit too long, and you better don't eat too full in the beginning, otherwise cannot taste the main course and dessert at their fullest. ^__^

have fun!